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Cisco Unified Communication Manager Services
Voice & Text Paging

IP Paging enhances the way organizations communicate to their staff and administration. It improves on traditional public paging by offering the ability to target messages to specific telephones, departments and groups.

This allows organization to communicate with everyone at one time or to target specific groups or individuals. IP Paging provides a common system for announcements, emergency broadcasts, text notifications and voice notifications.

Unlike older paging systems, which send an audio message to all speakers within the paging system, IP Paging allows audio messages (as well as text messages) to be sent to individual speakers, predefined groups of speakers, telephones, or PCs throughout the network.    

Each user is assigned a unique address so that messages can be sent directly to the speaker or groups of speakers. Groups of speakers can be associated with the department in the organization (for example, the sales team, the second floor customer support team, etc…)

If a message needs to be sent to the sales team (to let them know about a new promotion for the next hour only), the audio message can be targeted only to the sales team. If an emergency affects only the second floor of the organization building, a specific audio message providing detailed instructions may be sent to employees and staff in the second floor.

This ability to target messages can help avoid disrupting the entire building.

IP Paging provides all organizations with a more
cost-effective, flexible solution than traditional paging systems. This is true for new organizations with no existing infrastructure, as well as for existing ones.

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