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Cisco Unified Communication Manager Services
Development & Integration

IP Phone XML Services works with the Cisco® Call Manager platform and IP phones for a telephony solution that takes office communications to the next level, converting the dial
tone-only telephone handset to a connected IP appliance Its easy-to-use graphical interface, which resides right on the IP Phone screen, opens the door to a rich set of features and capabilities. In seconds, employees can look up a contact in the directory and make a call with just one click. They can also check email, voicemail, airline flight schedules. By simplifying, improving, and speeding up communications internally and when dealing with customers and partners, SAND IP Phone XML Services helps everyone do their job better SAND's technology is built on a solid foundation: the Cisco Call Manager platform, which is based on the Cisco Unified Communications architecture that integrates voice, video, and data at the user level. The flexible, highly dependable design of SAND IP Phone XML Services makes it easy for us to customize it to meet your specific needs No matter what industry you're in, SAND IP Phone XML Services is a sound investment. With SAND IP Phone XML Services, you get affordable options for expanding your services and improving your business operations
There are different available services in the system: Yahoo & BBC News Headlines
This application allows users to access online news information provided by Yahoo or BBC. Weather Information
By the use of this handy application, the users can easily gain access to the weather forecast Information for almost all the cities on earth. Search for the desired cities And 2-day forecasts are all available at the touch of a certain soft button.

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